General terms and conditions

1. Booking and Conclusion of Contract

(1) After booking a tour, the client (hereafter referred to as the customer) will receive a confirmation e-mail. With this booking, the customer signals his recognition of the general Terms and Conditions. The booking is binding as soon as the ordered tour is confirmed by Gänseblümchen – Kulinarische Entdeckungen (Einzelunternehmen Karin Theuer, hereafter referred to as Gänseblümchen) via e-mail or fax. By this process, both parties, the customer and Gänseblümchen, recognise the assignment as a binding contract.

(2) Payment for the walking tour takes place in advance online with credit card, or bank transfer or direct-debiting system.

(3) The maximum number of participants for the walking tour is 14 persons

(4) Concerning a private or company tour: Payment shall be made at least seven weekdays prior to the activity agreed upon or according to a special agreement made with Gänseblümchen (full payment). For tours, that will be taking place less than seven bank working days after reservation, a payment target will be agreed when the booking is made.


2. Returned payments/ Fees & charges

(1) In the event of returned unpaid transactions, a fee of 5€ will be charged per unpaid or declined transaction. If your debit is cancelled, any outstanding balance must be immediately paid in full.

(2) Gänseblümchen reserves the right to cancel the direct debit arrangement if one or more debits are returned unpaid by your Financial Institution. All customer records and account details will be kept private and confidential, to be disclosed only if requested by the Customer or Financial Institution, in connection with a claim made to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.


3. Services and Changes to Services

(1) The scope of contractual services is to be found in Gänseblümchen’s service description. Any side agreements must have written confirmation from Gänseblümchen.

(2) The discontinuation of individual service elements does not qualify for retention of the contractual sum or for partial withdrawal, as long as it involves reasons for which Gänseblümchen is not responsible. If Gänseblümchen is responsible for the reasons for the discontinuation of certain service elements, the right ensues to have these service elements replaced with others of an equal value. Gänseblümchen is obliged to inform the customers of the above. Under certain circumstances, Gänseblümchen will offer the customer a re-booking or a withdrawal free of charge.

(3) Gänseblümchen have the right to make alterations to and diversions from the decided routes and length of the tour based on weather conditions.


4. The Use of External Services

(1) Gänseblümchen is liable for the precise instruction of the booked service, the careful selection and overview of the service providers

(2) Gänseblümchen is not responsible for the services of third-parties (e.g., gastronomic services, limousine, train, bus or taxi-drivers, theatre, museum or exhibition visits, restaurant visits etc.) Where city tours and transfers are offered by Gänseblümchen, the transportation will not be provided by Gänseblümchen itself, but rather by businesses which are holders of relevant permits according to the law of transporting persons (Personenbeförderunggesetz, PBefG).

(3) It must be pointed out with caution that the participation upon a tour is carried out at own risk and that Gänseblümchen bears no responsibility for any possible damage to persons or belongings. The customer or the members of a group of the customer are responsible for every instance of damage which is caused by or to the belongings brought along with them.


5. Waiting period with private tours/groups

In case of a delay of the group, Gänseblümchen will wait for 15 minutes at the agreed meeting point. After this time the tour is seen as cancelled and we are entitled to keep the total of the contractual sum. If the group arrives within the waiting period the delay will be deducted from the length of the tour. The customer is liable fort he journey/ arrival to the meeting point


6. Customer Withdrawal (Cancellation)

(1) The customer can withdraw any time before the beginning of the reserved trip. The receipt of the withdrawal declaration at Gänseblümchen is definitive.

(2) The withdrawal must take place in writing, by e-mail or fax, and must be confirmed by Gänseblümchen. If the customer withdraws from the contract or does not keep an arranged appointment without having withdrawn from the contract previously, Gänseblümchen can demand an appropriate compensation. Gänseblümchen can make a concrete calculation of the damages, or can validate a general cancellation charge. This amounts to:
• from the 30th to the 15th day prior to the event's beginning: 20% of the contractual sum total,
• from the 14th to the 6th day prior to the event's beginning: 50% of the contractual sum total,
• from the 5th day before the event's beginning or by non-appearance: 100% of the contractual sum total.


7. Nullity of Individual Terms

The nullity of individual conditions of the General Terms and Conditions or of the contract does not result in the nullity of the entire contract.


8. In case of doubt, the German version is valid.



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